Me and Billy Mawhinney (not Bobby McGee)

Took the family to the "12th Field" in Donaghadee today, and in among friends, neighbours, family and Orangemen I bumped into Billy Mawhinney. Billy left Portavogie for London a long time ago and became (and still is) an absolutely legendary advertising man, having been creative director on some of the most memorable campaigns of our era. I know some of his family who still live in Portavogie.

I used to look out for articles about him in Campaign and Creative Review when I was at Art College in Belfast in the early 90s, thinking to myself "well, if that Portavogie man can make it, maybe I can too!". So he was an influence on me, and I've now become something of an influence on him as he admitted today he's now buying Louvin Brothers albums! Billy and I have emailed back and forth a few times over the years, so it was great to meet in person. Here's the pair of us grinning in the glorious sunshine. You can visit Billy's website here.