BBC1 tonight - 'Farm Fixer' with Nick Hewer - Phil's Farm


Hope you've seen our work on 'Farm Fixer' on BBC1 Northern Ireland tonight and have come searching for us online. Our brief for the business opportunity featured in tonight's programme was to work alongside Phil Brown to develop his branding to enable him to potentially expand and franchise his business, which is a mobile petting farm aimed mainly at children.

None of the ideas were actually used, but the concepts below show the general approach which was:

a) to add the suffix 'tastic' to the name to depersonalise it and thereby create scope for other people to franchise it in other locations, and

b) to use a range of creative headline messages where appropriate. Strong branding is about creating a distinctive personality, combining both verbal and visual elements to get the brand's message across.

Advice was also offered on the need for trademark registration, a critical issue for any brand. Phil's website is here. Thanks for watching!